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Spring Cleaning

Bathroom Deep Clean: A detailed illustration of a cleaner deep cleaning a bathroom, emphasizing the thoroughness and eco-friendliness of Sparkling Stays' service.

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As much as we are happy and excited that Spring is coming and just around the corner, we are also concerned about all the tasks we need to get done to be ready for spring. One of the most crucial tasks to prepare for spring is what many of us refer to as “Spring Cleaning”. This involves getting our home extensively cleaned and ready for the season.


This task is not an easy one, and many of us find it daunting to prepare for this extensive work due to our busy schedules or the sheer amount of effort it requires. The cleaning process demands thorough cleaning, especially after a long winter when dust and dirt have accumulated in areas of the house that are hard to reach. Sparkling Stays is here to assist you with this arduous task and help prepare you fully for the beautiful spring and summertime. You can then truly enjoy the weather, stress-free. Our staff is professionally trained for these tasks and uses only the best products and tools.

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Our premium spring and summer cleaning services for the Montreal and surrounding region provide you with the best solution to get your home prepared for the spring and summer seasons. We offer competitive prices and the best service in the business. Call Sparkling Stays and book with us, letting our professional services take care of the cleaning work for you. With our team taking care of the inside of your house, you can focus more on the outdoor work and enjoy the season more freely. We make the spring and summer cleaning process easy for you with our services.

What Does Spring Cleaning Services Montreal Include?

Bathrooms Deep Clean

  • We give a lot of attention to the bathrooms.

  • Clean in/out of toilets and remove all stains.

  • Remove all mildew and soap stains from showers, tubs, or jacuzzis.

  • Clean all mirrors and drawers, sweep and clean the floors.

Bedrooms Deep Clean

  • We strip beds and wipe down the frame, then remake the bed.

  • Clean all furniture and vacuum underneath before replacing them.

  • Clean all lamps and pictures. Wipe and dust closet shelves.

Living Room Deep Clean

  • We remove dust and cobwebs from ceiling, walls, ceiling fans, frames, and doors.

  • Clean all windows, sliding glass doors, and tracks.

  • Clean and dust lamps, pictures, mirrors, and light fixtures.

  • Move all furniture and clean under each item. We empty bookshelves, cabinets, drawers, and then restock them neatly.

Sparkling Stays Cleaning Services Montreal

Choose Sparkling Stays for your spring and summer cleaning needs in Montreal and enjoy a pristine, stress-free home ready to welcome the warmer days.

Bedroom Refresh: Showcases a Sparkling Stays cleaner making a bed with precision, highlighting the meticulous care taken in every room.

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