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Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Company in Montreal

Updated: Feb 20

Empty commercial unit with floor to ceiling windows and one floor washer in the middle

Selecting the ideal commercial cleaning company is a pivotal decision for maintaining a clean and welcoming workspace. This guide outlines key factors to consider, ensuring you make an informed choice. Read on to discover how to select a commercial cleaning service that meets your unique needs.

1. Prioritize Experienced Professionals

Prioritize experienced commercial cleaning companies like Sparkling Stays, a seasoned Montreal-based service with a proven track record in providing tailored cleaning solutions.

2. Diverse Range of Services

Opt for a commercial cleaning company, such as Sparkling Stays, that offers a comprehensive suite of services, including specialized solutions for carpets, windows, and floors, alongside standard janitorial services.

3. Client Reviews and Testimonials

Consult platforms like Google, Yelp, and the company's website for client feedback. Sparkling Stays boasts a long list of satisfied clients who commend their professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding cleaning results.

4. Tailored Cleaning Plans

Choose a commercial cleaning company that collaborates with you to create a personalized cleaning plan. Sparkling Stays excels in this regard, offering flexible schedules and customized service packages to suit your business's specific needs.

5. Transparent Pricing Structures

Ensure transparency in pricing. Reputable companies like Sparkling Stays provide clear, competitive pricing models based on the scope of work, eliminating any unexpected costs.


Selecting the right commercial cleaning company significantly impacts your workspace's cleanliness and overall ambiance. By considering factors like experience, service diversity, client feedback, personalized plans, and transparent pricing, you can confidently choose a company that aligns with your requirements. Sparkling Stays, with its extensive expertise and commitment to client satisfaction, stands as an excellent choice for businesses in Montreal seeking premium cleaning services. Entrust your commercial space to their capable hands, and enjoy impeccable results.

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