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What Is Included In A Basic House Cleaning?

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Welcome to Sparkling Stays, where we transform your home into a sanctuary of cleanliness and comfort. Understanding what's included in a basic house cleaning can help set the right expectations and ensure satisfaction with our services. Let's dive into the details of what our standard cleaning package entails.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is a Standard Interior House Cleaning?

  2. Basic Interior House Cleaning by Room

  • Standard Kitchen Cleaning

  • Standard Bathroom Cleaning

  • Standard Bedroom Cleaning

  • Standard Living Room Cleaning

  • Other Standard Cleaning Tasks

  1. What Is Not Included in a Standard House Cleaning?

  2. Prepping for a Professional House Cleaning

  3. How Much Does Professional House Cleaning Cost?

  4. Is a Professional Cleaning Worth It?

  5. What Else to Know Before Hiring a House Cleaning Service

What Is a Standard Interior House Cleaning?

Standard interior house cleaning focuses on maintaining a baseline level of cleanliness throughout your home. It's designed to tackle new dirt and grime, keeping your space tidy and hygienic between deep cleans.

Basic Interior House Cleaning by Room

Our cleaning service is tailored to meet your needs, ensuring each room in your house receives the attention it deserves. Here's what our standard cleaning package typically includes:

Standard Kitchen Cleaning

  • Countertops and Cupboards: We damp wipe all surfaces to remove spills and stains, ensuring your kitchen is ready for meal preparation.

  • Appliance Exteriors: All major appliances are wiped down to remove fingerprints and food splatters.

  • Microwave: We detail both the inside and outside, removing any food splatters and odors.

  • Stovetop and Range Hood: These are thoroughly scrubbed to eliminate grease and burnt-on food.

  • Sinks and Backsplash: We sanitize these areas to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

  • Tables, Chairs, and Baseboards: Dust and grime are removed to maintain the cleanliness of your dining area.

  • Floors: Depending on the type, floors are swept, mopped, or vacuumed.

  • Trash Cans: These are emptied and relined to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Standard Bathroom Cleaning

  • Sinks, Tubs, and Showers: We scrub, sanitize, and polish these areas to remove soap scum and mildew.

  • Toilets: Every part of the toilet is disinfected and brushed to maintain hygiene.

  • Countertops and Vanity: These are cleaned to remove any debris and personal care products.

  • Mirrors and Light Fixtures: We shine mirrors to a streak-free finish and dust light fixtures.

  • Floors: Are mopped and vacuumed to remove hair and dust, contributing to a clean and safe environment.

Standard Bedroom Cleaning

  • Dusting: We dust all surfaces, including doors, furniture, and window treatments, to improve air quality.

  • Mirror Cleaning: Mirrors are polished for a clear, streak-free view.

  • Trash Removal: Keeps the room tidy and clutter-free.

  • Floor Vacuuming: To remove dust and allergens, ensuring a healthy sleeping environment.

  • Bed Making: Beds are neatly made, and linens changed upon request.

Standard Living Room Cleaning

  • Surface Cleaning: Dust and clean all surfaces, including lampshades and baseboards.

  • Electronics: We disinfect remotes and other gadgets to remove germs.

  • Wood and Glass Surfaces: These are cleaned to maintain their condition.

  • Floors: Carpets are vacuumed and floors cleaned to enhance the room's comfort.

  • Cushions: Are fluffed and the area underneath furniture cleaned.

Other Standard Cleaning Tasks

  • Cobweb Removal: Keeps your home looking well-kept and spider-free.

  • Plant Dusting: Ensures the health and appearance of your indoor greenery.

  • Ceiling Fans and Air Vents: Dusting improves air quality and circulation.

  • Blinds/Shutters: Are dusted to reduce allergens and brighten the room.

What Is Not Included in a Standard House Cleaning?

Standard cleaning focuses on maintaining cleanliness and doesn't include deep cleaning tasks such as inside the oven or refrigerator cleaning, laundry, or organizing closets. These services can often be added for an additional fee.

Prepping for a Professional House Cleaning

To get the most out of our services, clear any clutter to give our professionals access to all surfaces. No need to clean before we arrive, but ensuring the home is organized can enhance the efficiency of our cleaning.

How Much Does Professional House Cleaning Cost?

Prices vary based on your home's size, condition, and the frequency of cleaning. On average, a bi-weekly service might cost around $160, with deep cleans ranging from $400 to $500.

Is a Professional Cleaning Worth It?

Absolutely! Regular cleaning not only maintains your home's aesthetics but also its healthiness, reducing allergens and germs. It saves time and eases the stress of maintaining a clean home, especially for busy households.

What Else to Know Before Hiring a House Cleaning Service

Research and select a service that meets your needs and expectations. Ensure they have a good reputation, are licensed, and bonded. Discuss your specific requirements and any special instructions to ensure satisfaction with the cleaning service.

At Sparkling Stays, we're committed to providing you with a clean, comfortable home. Visit us at to learn more about our services and prices and how we can make your home sparkle.

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