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Deep Cleaning Services Montreal

A Fresh Start: Illustrating a Montreal condo radiating cleanliness and freshness following Sparkling Stays' deep cleaning service. The living area, with its polished furniture and gleaming floors, reflects the thorough deep cleaning process, ready to welcome its next occupants to a home that feels brand new.

Welcome to Sparkling Stays, where we specialize in transforming your space into a pristine sanctuary with our deep cleaning services. Serving Montreal, Longueuil, Laval, and the West Island, we are dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning solutions that cater to your specific needs, whether you're moving in, renovating, or simply in need of a thorough clean.

Montreal Deep Cleaning

At Sparkling Stays, we understand that deep cleaning is more than just a service—it's about creating a healthier, more enjoyable living environment. Our expert team is equipped with modern equipment and eco-friendly, green cleaning products to tackle every nook and cranny of your home, leaving it spotless and revitalized.

Deep Cleaning Services Montreal for Homes


The heart of your home deserves special attention. Our deep cleaning covers everything from the inside of your fridge to the tops and insides of cupboards, ensuring every surface gleams.

When You Renovate Your House or Apartment

Renovations can leave behind a mess. Our post-renovation cleaning service is designed to eliminate all dust, debris, and leftover materials, saving you stress and time.

Sparkling Stays cleaning offers its exceptional services for post-renovation clean-ups. Our experienced maids and cleaners are adept at handling the unique challenges of newly renovated spaces, using the latest techniques and ecological products to ensure your well-being.

Did You Renovate Your Home?

Sparkling Stays ensures that your renovated home is impeccably clean before and after construction. Our services are reliable, affordable, and of the highest quality, ensuring your new space is ready and welcoming.

Looking for Post-Renovation Cleaning Services?

If you're in search of unparalleled cleaning service for your post-renovation needs, look no further. Sparkling Stays offers brilliant, affordable solutions to make your house shine, preparing it for you to enjoy without the aftermath of construction mess.

No Worries

With Sparkling Stays, you never have to worry about post-renovation cleanliness. Our professional cleaners are here to take care of everything, providing ease and satisfaction to our clients. We ensure that nothing is left behind after construction, making your space ready for habitation.

Highly Skilled, Professional

Sparkling Stays is your go-to for specialized post-construction cleaning services. Our team of skilled professionals is trained to address the extensive cleaning required, delivering timely and effective results.

What We Offer

Our deep cleaning service is meticulous, reaching all corners and removing buildup. We offer flexible packages tailored to your priorities, covering everything from walls and appliances to the insides of cabinets.

Top to Bottom Tasks

  • Kitchen: Deep clean includes inside of fridge, oven, and cupboards.

  • Bathroom: Focus on wastebaskets, grout, tubs, and more for a hygienic finish.

  • All Rooms: Comprehensive dusting, including mouldings, woodwork, and furniture.

  • Floors: Thorough vacuuming and mopping, ensuring every inch is covered.

Standard Deep Clean Tasks

Our standard package ensures your kitchen, bathroom, and all rooms are free from dust, grime, and clutter, focusing on appliances, fixtures, and floors.

Did You Renovate Your Home?

Post-renovation cleaning is crucial for a clean, dust-free environment. Sparkling Stays is here to provide specialized cleaning services, making your renovated space ready to welcome you.

Looking for Post-Renovation Cleaning Services?

Choose Sparkling Stays for reliable, affordable, and high-quality cleaning services. We're the best option in Montreal for making your renovated house a clean, inviting home.

Sparkling Stays Cleaning Services Montreal is dedicated to providing you with a clean that goes beyond the surface. Contact us today to experience the difference our deep cleaning services can make in your home.

Post-Renovation Sparkle: Showcasing the Sparkling Stays team diligently cleaning a Montreal home after renovation. The team, equipped with eco-friendly products, ensures every surface from floors to walls is impeccably cleaned, highlighting their commitment to transforming renovated spaces into spotless and inviting environments.

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